At Dog Day Afternoon, we want our guests to feel as if they have arrived at a beautiful bed and breakfast where they will receive southern hospitality that can only be found here in New Orleans! After entering our beautiful antique filled parlor and retail space, you will walk through our grooming area. After strolling through he boarding room, complete with its plantation luxury suites, (Longue Vue, Myrtles, Nottoway and Oak Alley), you arrive at our private Bordeaux Street Dog Park along with umbrella covered picnic tables, beautiful landscaping and Crepe Myrtle trees for shading!

Each of our guests will be provided with comfortable bedding and a special treat on their pillow every night before bed time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the same time daily, along with scheduled routine outings in our Dog Park at least five times daily (weather permitting). Our guests can join and play with others should they enjoy that and if they’d rather not, we will accommodate private outings!

Each guest is individually cared for and treated very specially. It is important that the parents of our guests feel as if they have chosen a beautiful, comfortable, loving and safe environment that is filled with the same feelings as if they were in their own home!

Several times a day, Dr. Antoine Saacks with Animal Medical Clinic, checks on each of our guests to be sure that all is well and should there be an issue he is available to provide immediate medical attention. Of course, if you would prefer your own veterinarian, that can be arranged as well.